Heritage Oaks at Tradition


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Attention Heritage Oak Residents

The Guardhouse will be manned
on weekdays from 6am to 11pm

On weekends it will be manned
from 8am to midnight

           TRAFFIC SAFETY PROCEDURES                 

At our March Board of Directors Meeting, we discussed concerns regarding cars waiting for school buses at our front gates, vehicles running through stop signs, and speeding. The Board, along with the support of a majority of residents present, agreed with the issuance of fines to ensure a safer community for our owners/families and guests. The Board of Directors is therefore implementing the following which is meant to establish safer driving conditions. These changes will be effective immediately.

  • No Stopping Signs will be posted at both entrances and along Claridge Drive. Vehicles will not be allowed to stop, stand or park while waiting for school buses. This will be strictly enforced to prevent unsafe driving conditions for thru traffic. Parents are to drop off and pick up their children at the clubhouse parking area or park at the clubhouse and walk their child to and from the bus stop.
  • Enforcement of the No Stopping Signs, Stop Signs and posted Speed Limits will be implemented through the use of Off Duty Police Officers , Bristol Management, and previously installed cameras.
  • Residents found not in compliance with Stop Sign violations will incur a $35 fine. Subsequent offenses will be fined $100 each and incur a suspension of bar code privileges at both gates.
  • Residents not in compliance with No Stopping Signs will be given a written warning for the first offense, a $35 fine for the second offense and a $100 fine for each subsequent offense as well as suspension of bar code privileges at both gates.
  •  Guests and Contractors will be given the same fines as above and if not paid upon request, access to the community will be denied.

The posted community speed limit is 25 MPH. It is every driver’s responsibility to obey this limit to ensure the safety of residents and especially our children. It is our hope that the presence of law enforcement officers and the threat of fines will deter any noncompliance. A safe environment for all our residents and families is of paramount importance for our community. This is the only reason for these new changes, and hopefully with your support we can make Heritage Oaks one of the safest communities in Tradition.

Questions or concerns???  Email the Board of Directors at
******Household waste pick up on Tuesday and Friday*******
 Yard waste pick up on Saturday
Recycling pick up on Friday, please presort your bins.  Thank You

Property Manager - Scott Montagna


and Joy Sikora


Office Hours in the clubhouse Monday 8-10am.
Tuesday 8 - 9am, Wednesday 1-3pm
Friday 8 - 11am
Orientations, barcodes, pool keys and parking decals are by appointment only 

Bristol Management
543 NW Lake Whitney Place, Suite 101
Port Saint Lucie, FL 34986


772-323-2004  or FAX 772-878-1519

Board of Directors

Phil Cooper, President

Dennis Bonczek, Treasurer

Linda Balmann, Secretary

Robert Jones, Director

Shellie Morgan, Director

Paul Silliman, Director

Norman Ytkin, Director


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